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Pear Shaped

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Flesh firm beneath my palms
Smooth yet subtly textured by dimples
Definition and depth rendered
By the shaping of nature’s vagaries
Ripe and full, begging caress
Of lips, the puncture of teeth
Spilling juices down my chin
Rolling the flavors of all summer,
All sweetness upon my slow tongue,
Licking at fingers suddenly sticky
Intoxicated, shuddering with each mouthful
Notes of trembling epicurean pleasures
Playing up and down the staircases
Of my vertebrae
Devouring something so lush
With unseemly greed
Such shapely fruit.


Voices of October, Lust, Heaven, and Disrepute

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They Don’t Need Us

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So, being unemployed again, while sucking for the whole income thing, seems to have sparked a great deal of creativity. I have been writing a lot lately and that feels good, very good in fact. So I have a new piece and in keeping with my new theme of experimentation it is something that I do not write about often nor do I think I write about it well, but that is why I am trying it again, to see if I can get better. This is a sex poem, so you have now been warned. I am always worried when I try to write erotically, I think it always just sounds silly rather than arousing. I think I did ok on this one, but we shall see. More so than other pieces, I would really appreciate feedback on this one as I really want to grow my work and I need to know if this achieved the desired effect. Anyway, good followers of the imposter, happy reading, cheers all.

She lounges casually

Bed clothes rumpled

Back to headboard

Half sitting, half laying

Eyes closed, lips parted

Anticipating phantom kiss.



You watch her

Hungry voyeur



Her hands move

Slowly, so slowly

No wasteful urgency,


She has all the time

And she will take it all.




Defining herself in lines

Pleasure in knowing, seeking

Neck, collar bones,

Breast, belly, thighs

Geographies of pleasure

Ripples begin

Lapping from the center out.



Always circling

Never landing

Smooth, confident

She knows the route

No need for direction

No fumbling back seat driver

She knows exactly where she wants to go

And just how to get there.



Sighs and moans

She plays a symphony on herself

Tempo quick, slow, quick

Rising, falling, chords building

Finger plucking notes of ecstasy

A call to play

Her body answers without hesitation

Heated flesh whispers

Seduction of sheets

Susurration, fabric another layer

Of sensation, dragging, pulling

Supple rustling

Back arching glorious curve.



Caresses become

Gropes, clutching

Hands and body grow greedy for each other

Plunging, writhing, bed and body

Describing new architectures of pleasure

Heat and slick

Fingers drip honey

All intimacies uncovered,

Spasm clench sweat gleam

Her own best lover

Teasing waves to tsunami heights

Come crash roaring down, down

Tumble thrash drowning gasping

Desperate breath

Finally washed back up upon shores

Trembling in delicious repose.



You watch this all

Aching, empty, quaking

Wanting her all the more

For knowing

She doesn’t require you at all.

The Words Just Will Not Do As They Are Told

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This is just a fragment, not a complete poem and it contains an idea I have been trying to articulate but just can’t seem to get right.  It is the best effort so far, but is not even close to what I am really wanting to say, however, this is a blog about writing, not necessarily good writing as some of you may have noticed.  So, here it is, in all it’s amputated glory, hobbling onto stage for you to look at, poke with sticks and perhaps throw rotten produce at.  Thank you.

Give me a room

Fill it with smoke and shadows

Give me bodies pressed dangerously close

Sweat slick faces and arms lit

By cool blue fizzing neon beer light.

Give me bass and drums

Thump-stomp mumble beast jungle pulse

Give me guitar

Steely whine groaning, pulling

Tugging at hips and loins

Give me sweet and low down

An invitation to fuck without words.

Give me gin joints and Jezebels

Rounded thighs and little, clinging dresses

Cold beer, a hot night

Visceral motion

Mean and dirty and animal.

So there it is.  Just a few lines that struggled out from behind the bars in my head.  I wanted to depict something sultry, passionate, urgent and primal and I managed kind of a weak Hallmark version of that.  I will of course try again some other time, but for now this is what I’ve got.  I do hope you out there might like it some and give it a pat on its head like the three legged mongrel that it is.  Cheers.