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Everyone always wants to get to the point 
Yet the point is the start, no destination
Just what you hang from, a pendulum 
Until the scissors do their filthy job
First lesson, sharp steel and what it can do
To such vulnerable flesh.

Hey ho, here we go,
We’ll figure out the words as we go along
Turn about, turn away, every season in a day
Page upon page filled
What were we saying, doesn’t matter
Breathe and blink, pausing stutter…

Click clack film reel snicker
Footsteps tapdance tattoo, a billion pavements 
Stitched closed by boot heels
Worn out at the knees, momma please
Not so fast, caught up in the turnstile 
Left holding ticket stubs while the stage staggers on.

What’s your story?
Tangled tongues and breath
Lipstick in the creases
Four mysterious keys and a watch fob
All the million billion tiny bits
Swirling upwards, outwards, all the points
No point whatsoever, except, maybe
The story folded so neatly
Between palms with the lines just beginning to rise


New Roomate

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 14, 2015 by beautifulimposter

Hey, wait a minute
Who are you, how’d you get in here?
I thought I’d locked all the doors
And the boards I nailed up
Usually keep people well away
Most just think it’s abandoned
And that’s the way I like it.

What back door?
There’s a back door now?
So you just snuck in and made yourself comfortable?
Is that your coat on the hook
Your shoes under the bed
Feeling all at home are we?
Well, I guess as long as your here…

Ummm, sorry about the state of things
I don’t get many visitors
Haven’t cleaned up in years,
Yeah, let me shift those clothes
Sorry about them, and those pictures
I’ve been meaning to toss those
But you know how it can be.

I’ve been meaning to get the cracks fixed
I forgot how shabby it is in here
What’s that? You say it’s not so bad?
Well that’s kind and all but…
Oh, really, you think it’s cozy?
Ummm, well, uh, thanks
The longer you sit there, the more it seems you belong.

Can I get you something, tea perhaps
No? Oh, you made yourself some
Know your way around pretty well
It’s getting a bit warm in here all of a sudden
I always thought it a little cold in here
The emptiness always seemed
To carry the winter in it.

What? You’d like to stay?
Are you sure, I mean, I bet you could find better…
Really? It feels like home?
I’ve never felt it, but I’m glad you do
And you’re welcome to stay
I think I’d like that, yeah…
Stay as long as you’d like.

Words Birthing Voice

Posted in Poetry, Spoken Word with tags , , , , , on June 11, 2014 by beautifulimposter