The Truth in the Lie

Ok, so maybe some people out there are wondering why “beautifulimposter”?  Well, it’s simple really, I am a writer and therefore I am a liar.  A socially accepted kind of liar, but a liar none the less.  I make things up, things that aren’t real or true and I try my very best to make people believe in them.  I wear masks when I put on a character and I lie and show the world as it isn’t in the hope that someone might gain a better insight into how the world is.  That’s my goal really, to perhaps change someone’s perception of reality and their place in it; that change may be as simple as writing something that moves them, or inspires them to create something all their own that will in turn reach and change others.  I want to effect reality by distorting it, twisting it, holding up the mirror of my deceit and reflecting back what may actually be true, or become true.  So I am an imposter, and in my pursuit of  truth, which as Yeats described as beauty and beauty as truth makes me something beautiful as well, splendid, magnificent and completely fictional.  How much of this is true?  Read my blog and you be the judge.


4 Responses to “The Truth in the Lie”

  1. Hope you’ve been doing well. Miss seeing regular posts from you!

    • I’m doing ok, just muddling along as usual. I miss hearing from you too 🙂

      • Glad to see you here. You’re missed by many on tumblr but I understand. Message me sometime 🙂 Hope you’re still making time for your own words.

  2. Hi! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award 🙂
    The details are here:

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