My Favorite Dream

I’m a little jealous of the sunlight
Creeping around the edges of the curtains
I’ll never hold your body as gently as it does
My hands rough, clumsy things in comparison
So I keep them to myself for the moment
Content to watch you sleeping.

I play connect the dots with the freckles
That spatter the bridge of your nose and cheekbones
Wandering between the constellations buried in your flesh,
I count your eyelashes, memorizing the mathematics
You a study of all the subjects of love
Me the eager student adhering, ardent upon
All the lessons of heart and lungs and fingers laced tight.

I find myself every morning baffled
Laying beside you in confused wonder
Almost hesitant to touch you, in case like a soap bubble
You burst into rainbow drops and vanish
Wanting to preserve the dream state because this can’t be real
There is no possibility I could ever truly find
Or be worthy of your splendor, clothed in one of my old t-shirts.

Then, a sigh, your hip brushes mine
Shifting, bodies continental drift into new shorelines
Your fingers find my neck, tracing the thread of my pulse
Sleepy smile hinting itself around the corners of your lips
And I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding
Drawing you to me, my arms holding clinging in confirmation
The dream of you is here and now and I am thankful.


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