No Faerie Tales

I spoke aloud to you last night
You probably haven’t heard what I said yet
The chilly October wind will take time
Flying swift across such distances
I hope the message arrives
That it doesn’t become hung up on the clouds
Or confused and lost among echoing canyons.

But that’s just wishful thinking, a flight of fancy
A dream I keep having of you that I have no right believing
Day and night and into day again
Clinging to it, head beneath the covers, fighting waking
To a world I know that has no you in it
Everything drab, faded everyday worn out grey
Filled to the brim with empty, not even ghosts.

If you don’t mind though, I’ll keep pretending
Believing in this myth of happy endings
Tell myself faerie tales of a smiling girl never meant for me
Behind eyes dripping blackened clouds and storms
Holding up your promise of light
Till it gets too dark to see
Mumbling my wishes for ever afters impossible
Onto the breast of the autumn night wind.


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