Jury Rig

Coffee and cigarettes
The means to maintain
Self medication
Chemical marinade
Achieving something
Like normal
Like function
Like human.

The machine
Needs servicing
It runs
But poorly
Stuttering cough
Piston misfire
Timing off
Unplanned obsolescence.

More duct tape
Temporary fix
Keeping appearances
If it looks good
Must be well
Another bitter drag
Here’s a smile
See, nothing’s wrong
Yet there’s yer problem.

3 Responses to “Jury Rig”

  1. life informing art; never-ending food for thot
    k’scope r yer friend

  2. lia nardoda binchy Says:

    watershed of sorts?
    keep an eye on this date +/- a few days
    eight hundred and fifty
    an interesting and good feel to these recent offerings

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