Obtrusive Scenery

If I were to write a poem about you,
Not that I am, but if I were to
It would have to take the form of an apology,
Because I need to ask forgiveness
For my passive aggressive affection
Intruding upon you
An unwanted, bothersome guest
Showing up on your doorstep
With bad news and cheap cologne.

See, the thing is, I shouldn’t be allowed to speak,
I’m much better at being furniture, or scenery
Things that are just there
That exist around you, that may be of occasional use
Whenever I talk, I’m the coffee table
You bark your shins against
The crack in the pavement that breaks your stride
Inconvenient obtrusions
The kind of thing that makes life just a little more difficult
Than it has to be.

So, if this were a poem about you
And I’m not saying that it is
But if it were this is the part where I say I’m sorry
Because I am, always and all of the time
Mostly right now because I demanded your attention
When I should have just been content
With being able to occupy the near by pavement
Allowed to enjoy your presence
As you walked by without tripping.


2 Responses to “Obtrusive Scenery”

  1. oder koloan Says:

    pushing away to avoid hurt…
    there are other ways
    attraction has to be more than living through the eyes
    such a narrow way of experiencing

  2. fonq et darq Says:

    I have a line of thought that I just can’t seem to articulate…
    start from the other end

    there’s farce in the disturbance; dingdong, perhaps

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