Love Song

Soundtrack playback
Play out emotional pay out
Chords that pour out
Thick honey drown
Down and out
Or over and up
Over and out
My deafness becomes a shout
Singing without
A trace of fear
Watching the film reel
The places, the bodies, the feel
To touch what was and where
Stumbling down the long road
Surrounded by crowds,
Crowded streets
No before or after
Just right here
Right now
All that’s aloud
Ringing in the vein
Echoes, things obscured by clouds
Of sound, raw as bloody
Finger paint mass murder of crows
Sunsets, flying low
Smoke over the water
Autumn nights, firelight
Fire sign, signs of life
Breath and shape
Describing heart beat
Back beat, pulse
Boom boom boom
Thunder rolling
Rattling the ribcage bass
Profound little earthquakes
Shudders and moans
New found flesh and old bones
Tasting the night air
Flavored with another’s sweet lungs
Tongues over teeth
Wound and winding
Following the tracks of sweat and tears
Maybe a little blood
Bright copper salt
Falling down down down
Into warm seas
All sighs captured in the breeze
Sails of hair full of the moon
Bright slick belly to belly
Knowing nothing but that
There’s still life to be had
Getting shitfaced drunk on he good
Just as easy as the bad
It all goes down smooth
Hurts just like jagged
But it’s a sweet pain
The ripping and the ragged
Getting sewn together
Stitches of strict time
Knot for naught
For a moment we forgot
Got lost together
Somewhere in the night
While the songs just played on and on.


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