Another Unsent Letter

Hello again, it’s good to see you
You’ve changed but the years have been kind
Left all the best of you just the same
As the last time I saw you
Although the absence of tears
Is an improvement.

Can we sit and talk just for a bit?
I know you’re busy, full of your life
But if you could spare just a moment or two
I’d love to play catch up
Pretend just for a while
There isn’t a lifetime of space between us.

I’ve missed you, my eyes have missed the lines of your face
I know it’s too much to ask for a smile
I ran out of chances for those so I’ll settle for what I can get
If you could just hold still a bit longer
I want to hold the focus
Before time blurs the edges all over again.

I want to tell you I’m sorry
But we both know we’re beyond all apologies
I’m glad you’re well, that the bruises are fading
That you’ve discovered just how strong you can be
As I always knew you were
Tiny, mighty, holding up all of the sky.

I won’t keep you any longer
I’ve held you up too long and you have places to be,
Thank you for topping by
For giving me one last chance I didn’t deserve
To be a part of you, however small
For just one last time.


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