All Fall Down


Form is dissolution

Shape granted by dissecta membra

Momentary cohesion

Random huddling of matter

Shivering against the cold.

It’s tenuous, fragile

A stiff breeze could bring

It all tumbling down

Permanence become dust

That for one instant

Possessed the superficial features

Of a home,

A marriage

A body…

Random accretion

Nails and wood

Lungs, veins, viscera

Bound ever so briefly

Anticipating the crumbling

Second by second

Yearning, urgent towards the promise

Of destruction

Ready to fly asunder

At the trembling of any eyelash

Existence is simply

The pull of tensions

The between of is, is not, and was

Even memory is just

Stop motion film still frames

Of everything falling apart.

Original artwork entitled “Epicenter, Aerial View” by Sage Dawson
Photograph taken by Brytton Bjorngaard
All rights retained by the original artist, shown here with the artist’s permission


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