Less than skin
More than spirit
Sums and figureheads
Emblems, icons
Signs of signs
Signifying things
Insignificant in themselves
Turning rose petals
Into labia dripping arousal
Or the blossoming of wounds
Stigmatic mouths
Mystic, ecstatic, hungry
Layers of meaning
Unfolding origami intersections
Interpretations, beautiful simplicity
Golden ratio spiraling
Millions of names
Held within the folds
Changing the shapes and kinds
How a rocking chair
Is memory or forgetfulness
The parabolic arcs
Of raindrops describe
The smile of angels
Frames of wood that hold
More than transport
From one room to another
Secret languages speaking
Tremulous, tentative
A city street that becomes
Machine generating readings
Tangles of interlocking depths
Falling head first
Into fathoms deep puddles
The mirror twists
Faces into carnival shapes
Trees that masquerade
As pillars or worlds or horizons
Everything that is or is not or could very well be
Pinned post it note leaves
Dripping and swirling profusions
Chosen with care and arranged
To the poets taste
Changing the channel
Obscuring clarity yet providing
Other vision as the angles tilt
Vulnerable as butterfly wing palaces
Constructed upon pin head balancing
Architectures something
Less than skin
More than spirit.

2 Responses to “Readings”

  1. grateful for your presents Says:

    a glimpse of the infinite

  2. yer very own k’scope model!

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