When The Waiting Ends

Maybe is the best position in time
Anticipation is tension
Vibrating in place
Forever between expectation and determination
A crossroads where all the possible
Possibilities exist in riotous profusion
Fluid states of potential
In constant flux.

All this comes crashing down
With the yes or the no
Fixed and pinned under unforgiving finality
There is death in the deciding
A billion aborted futures
Stifle, still born, drowning
When the waiting ends
Is where all the fear lives.


One Response to “When The Waiting Ends”

  1. slient sam Says:

    yet, for further back than any can fathom, decisions were made then waiting and its ends which lead along a path littered with miracles to …………. you!
    no better reason to rejoice
    700plus might agree
    not even a drop in the bucket
    a willing audience most worthy of your efforts
    hear the gentle chorus of “yesses”?

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