Moderate Success Is The Best We Can Hope For

You said it was cute,
How butterflies flew from my mouth
Purple and blue and gold
You know, I never could get the hang
Of speaking to girls
But you forgave me that
Just laughing as powdered wings
Kissed your cheeks and eyelashes.

You dragged me out onto your minuscule lawn
We danced barefoot, feet slick with dew
A puddle of gold spilling out
From the fanlight above your stoop
I kept stepping on your toes,
Tripping over my baggage
You staggered along with me
Matching my awkward step for step
Forcing your limbs into something foreign
To their usual grace.

Not a thunderbolt, yet still incandescence
A soft, quiet girl in a too big sweater,
With a crooked grin always hinting itself
Around the corners of your mouth
Even when you weren’t actually smiling
Drawing my eyes away from
The gaping hole in your chest
Edges dry, cured, curling, long bloodless
Unspoken as the smoke from the cigarette
You bummed poured out from between your ribs.

There was no exchange of war stories
Even as the quiet fag end if the night
Lingered between us like a whisper,
Watching the stars tumbling their way to bed
Wrapped up in the sheet from your bed,
Sitting on your windowsill, tasting each other
On the smoke we passed back and forth between fingers
Slightly sticky, the sweat still cooling
The only language exchanged was a new understanding
Reached between my fingers and your hip.

Between the two of us we had drawn
A roadmap of scars, traveling together through the night
Doing our best to kiss it all better
With it must be said at least moderate success.


One Response to “Moderate Success Is The Best We Can Hope For”

  1. porbis robundum Says:

    that’s one viewpoint
    relationships always seek that and more

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