The soundtrack is Joseph Arthur
Air throbbing, thick in the lungs
Daylight becoming something syrup
Amber flowing in streamers
Through outstretched fingers
Conducting the strains
Affecting strange twitches and ticks
Between neck and shoulders
The music’s marionette.

Pedestrian footsteps keep the beat
Cars slide by, sleek silent fishes
Gleaming along the concrete river roads
Everything tinged with the faint rust
In the vocals, a cheap filter
From an attempted art house
MTV video, nostalgia crystallizing out of the air
In a time and place that hasn’t
Existed long enough in the veins
To have any real ghosts.

Still though, riding that sonic dragon tail
Putting the spike deep into fat
Hungry veins, pearl beads and rubies
Dripping down vaguely cruciform limbs
A dime store icon chintz messiah
Forsaken and forsaking all poor realities
For something bigger, a truly grand fallacy
Stepping lightly into a perfect tomp l’oeil
Glittering tin punch lampshade world
Spilling feathers and cigarette ash.

For the space of five minutes and one second
There is might and beauty
Faces let their light shine through
Beaming between the cracked porcelain
The dreams dust themselves off and dance
Along cornices and architraves
Color, shape, vibration, semblances, all fall together
Into turpentine doused oil painting
Running together to strange, mad brush strokes
Blurring the expectation of the should be
With the what is.

That is where it’s best
In the place where the words hum
And everything shines.


One Response to “Reconciliation”

  1. lester qiwi maskanonge Says:

    publish in printed form
    people crave a talisman or two

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