Do I Write Poetry To Know Or To Pretend That I Know?

Can you write poetry for someone you don’t know?
Is it enough to describe the form
Define the shape of a body
In arabesques of frenzied adjectives
Collisions of metaphor, tangles of mad
Breathless images drawing her outline
No matter how perfectly
Knowing that it would be hollow
Without the hues and subtle shadings
Of what lies beneath the flesh?

Is it just lust, something venal
Simple chemical urges feigning higher intent
Am I spending nights dreaming of her lips
Because they are hers, mysterious
Subtle, hiding volumes beneath their lushness
Or am I just so long bereft of kisses
That these brilliant curves have burnt
Raw crimson staring at the sun after images
Behind the lids of my eyes?

Of which am I more afraid,
That she say no and I am left no more
Or less than I was, a skin stretched over longing
Or is it a yes that has me trembling
That what is in my head will be real
With consequences, disappointments
Expectations that I can’t fulfill
Are there answers in these lines anywhere
Have there ever been
Or am I always writing poetry for the unknown
Defining a shape I can live with.


2 Responses to “Do I Write Poetry To Know Or To Pretend That I Know?”

  1. shadow fax jefferson Says:

    what happens during the times between poems is an answer

    • seaweed wallace Says:

      and, of course, going slowly with a plan
      giving time for reflection
      in order to honour each option

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