Pear Shaped

Flesh firm beneath my palms
Smooth yet subtly textured by dimples
Definition and depth rendered
By the shaping of nature’s vagaries
Ripe and full, begging caress
Of lips, the puncture of teeth
Spilling juices down my chin
Rolling the flavors of all summer,
All sweetness upon my slow tongue,
Licking at fingers suddenly sticky
Intoxicated, shuddering with each mouthful
Notes of trembling epicurean pleasures
Playing up and down the staircases
Of my vertebrae
Devouring something so lush
With unseemly greed
Such shapely fruit.


2 Responses to “Pear Shaped”

  1. f#^*n RITE
    turn the magic cylinder a weenie bit every day
    infinity is not exclusive
    water particles
    unmatched sox
    the answer “yes”

  2. this is good, i could imagine every line as i read it.

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