Breakfast For One

Pulling apart my english muffin
Fork tines tearing geologic formations
Crags and fissures soon to be flooded
With rivers of fresh butter and strawberry jam
The halves still warm from the toaster
Butter knife making lovely cracklings
Fat and delightful sounds like the lead
On a well worn LP.

Spooning dried leaves
Into a little tin thurible
The water seems to leap from the kettle
Into my favorite mug, steam rising
Thick with the scent of bergamot
Watching as threads of reddish smoke
Wind out into the clear water
Joined quickly by thick coils of clover honey
A little lemon, the milk pluming
Into liquid dream cloud shapes.

Steeped and stirred
Buttered and jammed
Settle deep into a chair beside my window
Painted with sunlight broken into rainbows
Pearl grey drops still falling gently
From the wooly curtains the shy sun is peeping through
Wrapped within a comfortable silence
Taking the first deep bite
Grinning slightly as the butter
Runs down my chin.


8 Responses to “Breakfast For One”

  1. yes

  2. brnt toste Says:

    Here’s hoping one becomes more at some point.

    • no shame in seeking help Says:

      call the woman
      be honest
      spend the energy and time
      no more worthy cause than seeking relationship
      marshall all the good in you
      yes may seem impossible yet infinitely available
      my hands tremble as fingers seek words to express the necessity of your being – to everything, everything
      so helpless at this distance
      i would hold you
      let your weariness sink into these old bones
      our contact a way of allowing some moments of comfort

      • no shame in seeking help Says:

        who is to say that perfumed festival conversation was not meant exclusively for you; that your presence was sought out and required by life’s mystery?

  3. no shame in seeking help Says:

    go to a church
    speak with someone
    speak with someone else

  4. jelly-foot williamson Says:

    a code, perhaps
    if a postcard came
    would you blog
    a tiny yes
    and a date it arrived
    please reply
    just a wee nod

  5. jelly-foot williamson Says:

    the number offered is a clear, encouraging sign
    a simple call may serve up one eagerly sought yes
    take the chance to add another voice at breakfast time
    it is everything offering you a precious gift
    beat back the voice of doubt long enough to know this truth

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