Running Out Of Time

How many pages could be filled
With all of the silences?
The words that could have been said
Is there enough ink
Would an ocean suffice
If all the rain were gathered
To anoint every pen
So that nothing remained unsaid.

Tomorrow never comes
No next time
See you later becomes never
Getting around to it
Is not on the bus driver’s route
A wave goodbye the final gesture
Goodnight with no mornings ever after
Every second may never know
The one to follow.

There is only now
That’s the only guarantee we get
Every chance is the last one
They need to be taken
The world full of sudden cacophony
As every voice rings
So that nothing remains unsaid
All the knots tied
For good or ill.


4 Responses to “Running Out Of Time”

  1. Wow! Reading your pieces.., I’m hooked!

  2. hoola hoop Says:

    someone else pokin’ around in here
    better dust a bit
    shake out the rug

  3. remember I’m only the janitor
    eye kin read!

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