Little mice gnawing
Nibbling away the floorboards
Tiny bite by tiny bite
Undermining the integrity
The whole architecture sways
A badly built house of cards
Drunken lunatic on stilts
Reeling, pinwheel clutching
At straws, matchsticks tumbling
In splayed confusion
Sulfurous combustion
Sudden, painful, bright
Magnesium white hot phosphorous
Consuming, hard wire blister burn peel
Circuitry sizzle plastic stink
On off epileptic flicker
Can’t stop go
Must go
Must be my fault
It’s all bad
All bad, definitely definitely
Danger Will Robinson
Didn’t mind the gap
Speeding train
And Charlie stole the fucking handle
No tunnel mouth
Just Wyle E.’s trompe l’oeil
Bang, crash
All fall down go boom
Under ground
Can’t breath
Mouthfuls, lungfuls of dirt
Crawling, eating, guzzle slurping
Fingernails beds for splinters
Pine lid clawing
No way out
Stuck with the bugs
The tin ear tiny scritching
You’re all alone with us
One of us
Eating yourself alive.


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