Seems Madam, I Know Not Seems

It seems lately that I am just seems
I seem fine
I seem happy
I seem normal
Just appearances
And we all know about appearances
Now don’t we?

I am the player king
Right? That’s it right?
All semblances, dissembling
Mumming hackneyed lines
Declaiming with false confidence
Beneath cracked and fading layers
Of greasepaint.

Did I ever have passion
Or did I just know the part well
Memorized the lines
Had an ear for the cadences
Of those who spoke passionately
If you prick me do I bleed
Or just exude Xerox toner?

I seem to feel the fraud
Leaking through the ragged seams
Hypocrisies threadbare
Made gaudy in excess of guilt
Tarnished epaulettes, rusty medals
Of battles never fought
Or those I ran away from.

Was there ever anything beneath?
I can’t remember if there was
If I leave the house
Without my makeup
Would I have a face?
Or only reflect the scenery
Just an endless, infinite


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