Daydream Sunflower Girl

Barefoot, toes curling
Digging in to rich, black earth
Skin smelling of sweat and summer
Fingertips stretching
Dipping into blue skies
Catching the wind
Holding it deep
Lungs blooming
Fields of sunflowers
Turning their faces upwards.

Everything is green and gold
So if you add in your lips
Red as raspberries
Just as tart
It becomes a song I remember
“Colors just like my dream
Red, gold, and green”
Something there of youth
Bright and burgeoning.

So it makes me smile
What’s so wrong with that
Dreaming of yellow petal seas
The oval of your face
Breaking the surface
Echoes of music
Even if it’s all in my head
For a long moment
It’s sunny and I’m glad.

One Response to “Daydream Sunflower Girl”

  1. coach walter Says:

    seven hundred plus
    faces around the campfire
    willing to listen
    treat them honestly
    with respect
    bend them to your will
    the very best tales
    are always thus

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