What We Leave, What We Take

The other day I told a girl “I love you”
I wrote it in pen on a paper coffee cup
Left it for he on the counter top
Because she smiled at me
And I got to take that along with me
So I thought maybe a little gift in return
Wouldn’t go amiss.

I watched her for hours
Listening to my music
Her mouth seemed to settle rather naturally
Into a frown, lips curving downward
So that when she smiled
It was like a light turning on
And she seemed to have a smile for everyone
But I still got to take one with me.

I have this little collection
Smiles, kind words, a lot of “hons”
I keep them in my pockets
Turn them into other bits of kindness
That I try to leave behind
Something small and warm and bright
For the next person to find
A bit of color perhaps, in a drab, grey world.


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