Some days it’s like trying to drink a raging ocean
Swells grey green towers,
Skyscrapers of spray and fume and wrack
Salt burning bile choking
Inhaling sooty flame in vast gulps
Veins glowing angry tectonic cracks
Bones groaning under pressure
Grinding to powder, powder to diamond
Pure, sharp, clean
Edges of anger sharp and bitter
Swallow that too
Until throat is ribbon
Bloody strips of raw meat
But you can’t cough it up
Oh no, you can’t, it must be swallowed
Every lump and cankerous bite
Eating coal by the shovelful
Dust growing tumors on bellows leathern lungs
Empty with all the silence you’re bound to keep
A fist crawling up your neck from within
Clamping your tongue with fingers like teeth
Teeth like doors to mausoleums
Weathered and crumbling
The seals knotted tight
As tight to bone and sinew
All of it, the shape of all the anger
Bound into your flesh
So many needles corrugating railroads
Along your arms
Climbing into caskets of razor wire
Tetanus blood watering scorched earth
Because that is all that can bear the weight
As it folds in, hungry mouth sucking
Gulping down, chewing on it
All of the suffer, swallow it
Good boy, clean your plate
Use the scraps of your heart for sop
Without a sound
You swallowed every last drop
Till it was all dry and grey and dust
With nothing but the bones of whales
And the silence you kept so well.


2 Responses to “Silence”

  1. You musings are truly powerful. Great work.

  2. miteaux Says:


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