Knee Deep

Summer was falling from the sky
Sunbeams of ripened wheat were ribbons
You wore in your hair
Cascades of brass and honey dripping down
The column of your spine
The only concession to modesty you wore
As you waded out into the bright swirling waters.

The stream lapped at your calves
Eager, curling tongues raising the fine hairs
You always said they were too big
Too muscular
When you stood in front of the mirror
Twisting this way and that, eyes full of flaws
Hands running over your belly
As if to flatten it away.

I would always look at you
Baffled by how those bright eyes could never
See the grace, how your body was not
Made of stars, filled with clear light
How I would see the dawn rising
Over the horizon of your hips
That everything you were, exactly as it was
Would be how I described love for the rest of my life.

That day though, you didn’t seem to care
You just squealed as you entered
The cold creek, knee deep and waiting
Half turning with a smile
Coy Venus sans clamshell
Something mythical, primal
Born out of the water, pulling at the salt in me
As I fumbled with my boots.

You laughed as I stumbled over the slick stones
Cursing softly and shivering
Wading out to you, arms trapping your waist
A drowning man clinging to a spar
Pulling you tight, but never close enough
I could never hold all of you
Not inside of me the way I always wanted.

So we stood, naked in the stream
Sun warmed skin fragrant, belly to belly
Your lips tasted like strawberries
Tongues for some reason almost shy
We were the first and only lovers
Clothed in gold and blue and flesh and bone
Perfect for one afternoon or forever
As the waters curled about our knees.


4 Responses to “Knee Deep”

  1. sie ranno Says:

    you never cease to surprise

  2. krinkd cristle Says:

    remember this
    channel = demographics
    age influences channel
    some messages are still worthy of paper to extend their reach

  3. Beautiful description of love.

  4. the intimacy of a book
    works specifically culled from your work
    to be held while reading; just one person
    seeking to bask in the sensuality
    of your words

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