Full Vessel

I am all of the emptiness tonight
Gathered all of the nothing and blank spaces
Just under drum taut skin
Filled to bursting
With the indigo ink filling the spaces
Between the wandering clouds.

I am the pauses in conversations
The swing between footfalls
In taken, shuddering, giddy breath before laughter
Even the vanishing echoes
Fill up my own lungs
Caging the remainders, the reminders
Of light and mirth.

Stuffed to the brim
With the slivers of lamplight
Passing through twined fingers
The vibrations of quickening pulse at wrist and throat
As something new is born out of nothing
I keep the afterbirth, swallow it like dreams
Pour it over sterling spoon into my absinthe.

Following along behind,
Sweeping up the corners and odd bits
Lining my coat with hesitations, half turnings
Even the nothing left behind 
By the breeze as its sliced to ribbons
Dangling from the leaves
All of it, tucking it away
Full of thunderous silence.


One Response to “Full Vessel”

  1. Wonderful emotional imagery.

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