Grey and green and ragged white lace
Roiling, ponderous cold swells
These fill my dreams
I awake with brine stinging my lips
Skin crack’d and weather’d
Rising up and up and up
From thunderous deeps.

I stood with my feet in the Atlantic
Drank it into me through cuts and scrapes
Swallowed vast and barren and salt
Bones twisted by currents cold and swift 
Eyes welded forever to the chill steel
Of endless horizon.

Now I find myself on different shores
Waves of burnt caramel and burnished bronze
Rolling away, rising to meet blue skies
That break men’s hearts
Another sharp border begging feet westward
Echoes of hoofbeats, sudden thunder
Jagged ladders of fire eager for the climbing.

Torn between two tides
The salt of my veins, the black earth of my bones
Water churning great thunderheads
Mountains as grey green waves
Towering over amber
Hands itching both for leathern reign 
Or carven tiller.


3 Responses to “Oceans”

  1. even sounds good

  2. I’m new to the site and am looking to network. You have some good pieces here. Could you check mine out and tell me what you think? Theraglandtimes.wordpress.com

  3. I love it. I share a love of the sea with you.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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