…I’m open…

Black wash of blood

Tatters of flesh
(I pierced the side of love, my love

I pierced the side of love)

…Drink of this, blood of my blood,

Flesh of my flesh…

Flesh again,

Recurring themes


The endless machines of god’s loving grace

Burned and twisted cogs

Leave their marks on the palms

Of upturned hands.

…and the blood pours down like honey

Oh, such extreme honey…

(but I pierced the side of love and its bleeding to death)

The agony

Like anger, like hate

Won’t wash off

Tastes of fire

of pain

of sex

of damnation

of ecstasy

Your body,
I want to be inside

rip you to lovely pieces

bathe in your life>

Too much blood, too much ink

Can’t remove the stains
(the Angels have teeth

They pierce my side with love, my love

They tear me to pretty pieces in Love’s name)

In nomine…

…in finis…

But not quite yet

…the abyss is looking…

Staring into me

…in Nomine…

A monster I have become?

but really, what else can you do

With two bits of wood and three long nails?

I am open and it destroys me


Always dying


In nomine patria, et filis, et spiritus sancti…

For the love of god maybe

For the death of pathetic flesh

I write and I burn.

…the abyss finally looked also into me…

And fucking cringed
“The horror…The horror”

And here the cleansing stops

I am open, I am empty



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