If Only

I want to forget

Just for a while that I’m a nice guy

That I’m civilized,

Just for a few thunderous heartbeats

I want to lose myself

Feel the spatter of hot blood

Across my brow

As I jump head long and shrieking

Into the midst of a white power rally

Or a prayer meeting

For the Westboro Baptist Church,

Laying about me with fury

With a Louisville slugger.

I want to tear at my flesh

Leave everything bare

Bare to the bone

As they snap under my hands

Drowning out the screams

With my peels of joyous laughter

As I become pure in my rage

Drunk on the taste of copper and fire

Slaying with impunity

Those that have settled their bullshit

Inheritance of hatred

Across my shoulders.

I will teach them

What wrath truly is

Freedom of speech

Only guarantees the government
Won’t fuck with you

They aren’t free from me

And I will guarantee only no quarter

If I could

For just one moment forget

That I am reasonable

That I am civilized

That I believe in the fables of justice

If only…


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