What You Don’t Know

How many people who may have shared

This exact moment with you

Right now

From all the befores until all the afters

Until the end.

How many wear your fingerprints

Clothed in your touch

Invisible, subtle markings

Indelible and only yours to make

Or leave.

All of the stories

Each name may bear

Every letter bending beneath weight of tales

Unable to be uttered or told

Even if every breath could be spent

In thief saying.

The true meaning of pain

Every edge and point of it

No one can compass

In flesh

All of the agonies there are

So we can only understand our own

And at best half of other’s.

How many hearts

Gave worked their way

Into the hallways of yours

To surprise you with their sudden presence

As you round the corner

Stumbling into the lingering

Of even the briefest passage.

The same of all the hearts

You now dwell within

Secretly stealing through the cracks

Building nests of a glimpse, or smile,

Or touch

To be stumbled on in turn.

The name you will leave

On the lips of lovers

Or acquaintances

Only the ones you hope

You may leave

Praying them to be sweet

Rather than bitter upon the tongues of time.

At last, among all that we may never know

Is the end of the story

Other than the certainty that it will end

For our part in the telling and knowing

Will have stopped long before

So really, it is best

To just tell a good a tale

As heart and lips and limbs

May weave

Before our time before the hearth is up

And we rise to take our leave.


One Response to “What You Don’t Know”

  1. oldr knot wizr Says:

    of all the tantalizing flavours offered here
    some have become favourites
    even sought out as hints in newly crafted alchemy

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