Little Pictures

Despite my deeply ingrained misanthropy and cynicism, somehow I manage to still be a romantic. One of the things that can make me smile, no matter how sick I am with all of humanity’s cruelty, ignorance and savagery are these little expressions of affection that I happen to come across now and then.
One such occurs on a fairly regular basis as I am on my way to pick up my daughters from school. All of the other schools are letting out and the streets are filled with little knots and groups of kids on their way home. As I come to this one intersection, more often than not, I often see this couple, a young lad and a young girl, probably in the 13 – 16 vintage standing together and kissing. They’re always toe to toe but there’s daylight visible between them, their arms are just out to either side, palms pressed together, fingers entwined. It’s rather chaste kissing, more their lips sort of pushing lightly against one another than full on snogging but it is constant. I sat waiting for the light to change and they didn’t break for air once, I even glanced back in the rear view as I drove off and they were still just lost in each other, completely unselfconscious, this little island of two in the stream of passers by.
Every single time I see them, I have to smile. I remember that, walking home together and just having to stop and kiss. Stuff like this makes me happy even when I’m lost in the choking depths of my depression, these momentary little sparks that can penetrate and make me feel something other than despair.
I wish there were more of them. I wish I saw more examples of human emotion beyond fear and hate and petty selfishness. It’s not just this kind of thing either. Years ago, while I was living in Toronto I was sitting outside of a coffee place on Yonge Street people watching as I often did. At another table was a well dressed gentleman in a turban, his heavily bearded face very stern, almost grim as he sat and read his paper and drank his coffee. He glanced up for a moment at the people passing by us on the sidewalk just on the other side of this metal railing fencing in the cafe tables from the rest of the street. Suddenly, his lips just spread in one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen, just this brilliant emblem of surprise and joy as he stood up and called out to another man walking along. The other gent stopped short and whirled around, a similar look on his face and he walked back around, entering the little cordoned off area and the two obviously old friends exchanged this great back thumping embrace before sitting down and starting a conversation as if it had just been interrupted a moment ago instead of however long it had been since they last saw each other.
It’s these moments that get me, these little tiny pictures that describe the better parts of being human. I look out for them whenever I can and I tuck them away inside of me, they help keep the ugliness at bay.


11 Responses to “Little Pictures”

  1. K. Trowte Says:

    Exactly! Look at a screen door and it may appear completely black. Closer inspection reveals objects beyond the veil.
    This is entry is as good as poetry.
    Kurt V. is your friend – pay attention.

  2. K. Trowte Says:

    Who the f^#*k made you humanity’s cross bearer?

  3. b. relentless Says:

    this piece is a perfect example
    such topics should not be doled out sparingly, especially to people thirsting for more

    chain reactions have surprisingly simple beginnings

  4. in the quiet moments, when internal debating pauses for re-fuelling, these kinds of topics pop to the surface joyfully awaiting your poetic touch

  5. doin it for the freaky little thumbnails Says:

    “Despite my deeply ingrained misanthropy and cynicism, somehow I manage to still be a romantic.”

    Surrender to that truth about you. Think of the life/energy wasted trying to hide it. There are others, of great worth, just as eager to step forward; simply let them.

  6. florescent ventino Says:

    Wonder how many little pictures you scatter about each day.

  7. kew riocity Says:

    “this brilliant emblem of surprise and joy”

    Will you offer your readers a personal example?

  8. silent witness Says:

    coffee shop
    old man with a cane shambles out for a ride home
    grandson’s new 4×4 el supremo
    young man signals pops to take the wheel
    oldness vanishes
    head lifted
    eager light steps
    pops hops in
    grandson beams with pride
    this brilliant emblem of surprise and joy
    so blessed to have been a witness

  9. witness to character Says:

    rushing to sister’s aid
    when father decides to take kids for a walk in the forest
    big peoples’ bushes
    little people’s jungle

  10. no catching; nothing else, just the incantation Says:

    the look on your face when we realized that the strange sound in that northern cabin was a million mosquitoes rushing down the chimney in their bloody pursuit

  11. head scratcher Says:

    little kids riding sheep

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