As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Powder yellow streetlight
Throws her side into sharp relief
Cutting a line through the dark
The shore upon which you washed up
Clinging desperate tight just to make sure
You aren’t still dreaming.

The soft ribbons of her breath
Pull and tug at the ragged edges
Sewing them shut, pulling your pain away
Tucking it beneath her tongue
You become the poison that just might kill her
And you’ll always hate yourself just a little for that.

Her moan is tearing silk
Fingers dig deep into your scalp
Now a whimper as she buries her face into your chest
Your arms circling a wall
A new Jericho, safe, mighty, maybe
Your hands stealing scars from her back.

Two open wounds wound under coarse sheets
Pressing to one another like a bloody kiss
Clutching children holding the night at bay
Each one the blanket fending off scary monsters
Fingers blindly fumbling until laced white knuckled
Holding on for dear life.


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