Early Morning Cafe Jazz

Early morning breakfast people
Pungent coffee knife and fork clatter
Backbeat counterpoint undercurrent
Running just beneath the ebb flow rushing
Voices adagio, allegro, tempo pockets of competing melody
Bubble swirl pleasant chaos babble on
Riffing like good jazz.

You’d think you couldn’t dance to it
But the waitresses know all the steps
Feet finding rhythm asynchronous two step turn
Shuffle pause spin Brownian choreography
Never missing a beat or spilling a drop
All with a smile even if their feet are already killing them.

Sound and motion
Zoetrope shifting click clatter images
Patterns constant changing the only constant
Kaleidoscope color glass beads
Fractal sliding crazy quilt angles and planes
Of hands to lips to cups, plates to knives and forks
Lines of connection or relation drawn and redrawn
In complex palimpsest clockwork.

If you’re outside of it, the cog left out
The extra pieces no one knows what to do with
You can see it, catch the gleam on the spider silk fine glass threads
Take the back off and watch it all run
Gesture to laugh
Cup to fulfillment
Napkin to demurring 
All the pieces and how the fit
When observation is the only act left
You get very good at see in the notes
And the notes that aren’t played
Which as we all know are the most important.

7 Responses to “Early Morning Cafe Jazz”

  1. Moving words. Keep it up!

  2. bootzoot Says:

    that’ll leave a mark

  3. This is jazz – in your words:

    I really just don’t know what I’m doing any more

    I really just don’t know but still make decisions

    I really know what I’m doing

    I’m really just doing what I know

    I’m just doing

    In your endless journey to plow the same miserable, tortured artist’s ground, rocks appear. Dealing with the obstacle forces change. This current piece is exactly a response.

    Get your nose off the floor of the ditch. Get up just on one knee. The view is much different. Life’s colours are so much more than brown.

    words and music – THIS is what you do
    learn to “sing” your work when it’s time to record a poetic snapshot

  4. threeknee Says:

    a joy to the senses

  5. When you speak this, what tempo is the beat?

  6. like it more with every read
    at this point it keeps me glued to the new work hanging in the mansion
    can hear this
    can imagine this
    can smell the promise of a new morning

  7. sat with you in this place
    americana suite
    powerful, personal and cherished connection

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