Mouth Piece

I would like, if I may
To address the assembly
So if all you fine princes could kindly
Lend me the ears of your handlers, the string pullers
Staining your grubby white collars,
All you robber barons, if you could
Please wipe your greasy, bloody fingers,
Cast your hungry, vulpine gaze towards the podium,
If you sainted ministers
Of the confraternity of the rosy palm
From your conspicuous sticky fumbling neck rubbing,
It would be greatly appreciated.

Without further preamble
I feel I must clear my throat
For I seem to be choking to death
On tumors grown too large, I can’t swallow anymore
So I’ve decided to spit, you’ll have to forgive me
The spots it will leave on your trousers,
If it weren’t for the tight grasp dirty mean fisted
Storm trooper riot gear cartoon villain goons
I’d probably be more able to oblige your appetites
Be better able to consume
The power play facade white plastic fascist seen you’ve got
Propping yourselves up
But the bubblegum pop sirens aren’t soothing any more
My medium has been massaged to super sized
Brimming fizzy vitriol that I’m sorry
I just will not stomach
I’d much rather spit it out over your paper tiger armies
Of jailbait pretty boys and girls you seem to think
Will distract me whilst you enter raw and without lube.

Slowly, by inches
I’m finding my voice
I found it out standing in the square holding shopping bags
Halting the low beast iron grumble,
It came back to me even as I laid out on the hot tarmac
Choking on my own blood
There it is over there, with the missing, the lost, the ones
You don’t give one fuck about
It’s there, screaming itself raw
Every time she has to defend her status as a victim
It’s building, and you’re afraid 
You know that in this tempest all you have wrought
Will be brought low in the nuclear hurricane
Of a billion voices who are just not going to take you’re shit
Any. Fucking. More.

Fuck your institutions, the left, the right
The waffling middle fence striders
I’m done with your bankrupt morals
Empty, hollow McEthics 
Your bullshit fear mongering
You won’t keep us divided, 
We are legion and our footsteps
Will shake the marble pillars
Topple glass and steel castles
Till the streets are choked and only your heads
Remain dripping upon the battlements.


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