Step up to the mic
Testing, testing, throwing my voice out into the ether
Let’s see what comes out
As my words dribble from disused and abused lips
This is the jam upon which I’m dropping a needle
Skip groove hop scratching crackle
Hiss pop otomotopea flames burning pumpkin autumn orange red
Casting shadowy dice bone clicking
Turning up all sixes and sevens
Severing sense and meaning
Because that’s where we are, in the midst of the sound and fury
Babbling on and on and on till it’s all just buzzsaw buzz words
Late night midnight snack sound bytes
Empty calorie starving gluttons
Faces stuffed drooling sticky grubby fingered grasping
At straw men stick figures twisted leering
A meme of a picture of a thought of a dream someone might have had once
Or maybe not as the magnetic tape mobius strips itself
Naked, bare to the bone yet showing nothing
Acres of flesh as arousing as leprosy
Spread and raw red lipped tongue licking lascivious
All appetite without desire
Endless hungry howling at the back door low rent dive bar bombing
Hat in one hand, neck in the other greasily rubbing
Spilling useless ink down thighs creamy as parchment
Punctuated in sobs and throbbing members only
Desperate wanton harlots seeking what?
What are we drowning out with all this clamor?
Drowning the signal in noise
Any messages getting lost in the desperate circle jerk happy ending massage
Everyone seems so eager for, that soft stroking
Comfort pat on the head then off to bed and dreaming
Of something real when all of us just keep getting off
On the image, on the veneer, perfectly happy
To be blinded by the trees.


3 Responses to “WTF”

  1. big wind bender Says:

    and the paint not even dry

  2. gasoline rainbow Says:

    Jackson Pollock with words

  3. opened the windows for a while
    every corner breathed in the fine spring air

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