Blood Stained Shirt

I wish I was a character from a Tom Waits song
Rumpled and whiskey soaked
Populating seedy dives
With a billion stories tucked in the creases
Along with a battered postcard
Smeared with tear stained ink and a bloody thumbprint
Nothing but a busted suitcase
Full of rusty odds and ends
Spilling from a clanking calliope ribcage
Trailing smoke, wheezing into the bell
Of a dented trumpet
As I hold up a lamp post
Playing a broken fingered waltz
Out into the thick sticky fingered air
The stubbed out fag end of Saturday night
Tom cat howling to the moon riding tatter sail clouds
Pork pie hat low on shifty brow
Forgotten new years confetti spangling the brim
Another lost and broken
Street corner preacher
Fumbling out loose change
Or just fumbling with myself and hungry wolf grinning
At the corner girls gleaming like razor blades
Just as likely to cut as to kiss
Leave me bleeding out into my alligator shoes
One more Romeo
Fading out into the disreputable shifty eyed dawn.


7 Responses to “Blood Stained Shirt”

  1. Michael Brewes Says:

    Downloaded all work from this site @ 10:27 p.m. Eastern Time on Wed. Jan. 21, 2015. I am Matt’s father and heart sick at the thought of him choosing to turn off the creative tap, so-to-speak.

    Seeing a home, lit in the dark, gives a hint at the living going on inside. Lots of light suggests, perhaps, many people and vitality.

    This is one tiny light flickering in a window. It’s been that way for a while now and I pray that it does not go out.

  2. peanut vultures

  3. a litter ayshun Says:

    witch pome?

  4. shiny eyes

  5. enDolphins Says:

    oh yah
    tell tinman to ditch the funnel
    no hats allowed!

  6. stating the obVus Says:

    I wish I was a character from a Tom Waits song… U R
    Rumpled and whiskey soaked… U R
    Populating seedy dives… U R
    With a billion stories tucked in the creases… U R
    Along with a battered postcard… U R


    As you wish, so shall it be.

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