Open Mic

So I was invited to an event called Ten Artists here in Springfield, IL held at The Hoogland Center for the Arts on a semi-regular basis. The event showcases ten local artists, as the name implies as well as performances from local writers, singers, musicians, etc in an open mic format. This video was taken on 10/31/14, the last time this little gathering occurred and I just thought it might be cool to share with you, my delightful followers. The gentleman introducing me is Adam Nicholson, one of the literati types I have had the pleasure of associating with and founder of Sala, a fledgeling project of his to foster the arts of all dimension here in Springfield. Anyway, I hope you all out there enjoy this as much as I enjoyed doing it. There is just something about a live reading that is electric and wild and fun and it is one of those times I really feel alive. That’s all I have for now folks, stay tuned as always for new work, cheers for now.

4 Responses to “Open Mic”

  1. django big tree vonne kurten Says:

    you are becoming jazz
    compositions given voice
    require pitch

    all that goes into a vocal performance
    even solo efforts

    record yourselg often
    listen critically
    is the voice honouring the story?

    feed your passion
    feel alive in every moment

    more, please

  2. in plain sight no fear of discovery Says:

    there’s an echo in here
    stop making choko chip cookies
    put all this back in a drawer and re-purpose it
    you know how happiness feels it’s your duty to make more space for it in your life

  3. swill pills

  4. forty people Says:

    took a mac to get here this am
    smooth slow ride
    this place getting a smoky patina
    got any strange wind-up toys stashed away?

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