With each shooting
Every rape
The seemingly endless parade
Of ugly bitterness
The millions of hours in HD footage
Streaming pain and anguish and hate
In crystal sharp clarity
All the talking heads vomiting
Tidal ignorant sickness
For every new lesson
I am taught in cruelty or indifference
My heart breaks, the pieces smaller
Each time, till I am afraid
My ribs will house
A desert.


4 Responses to “Dust”

  1. young ears await Says:

    yours, more than many, can be a voice for hope too
    same expenditure of energy
    slight shift in focus
    many benefit from the effort

  2. walnut heart Says:

    How much wonderful human energy has been made unavailable through the shared experience voiced in this work?

  3. EyeMon Fire Says:

    help keep the dust under control
    piss on something

  4. simply dusting a bit; watering the plants
    volunteer as a storyteller for the girls’ classes
    I can provide some evidence of nature and life at this distance

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