Rag Doll

I am emotional shrapnel
The IED you stumbled into
Poor fragile thing
All porcelain waiting to be shattered
A field of snow yielding sudden blooms
Of blood roses, wet and red as mouths
Ragged lips I could twist
My hungry tongue between
Sucking on your pain
Another sinister surgeon
Turning your body to biohazard
Wearing your feeble beating heart
In twists of rusty barbed wire
Pinned to my lapel.

I was shamed by your purity
By your luminescence
All my ugly twisted broken
Was laid bare
I could not stand up under the
Glorious weight of your skin
Crawling wretched you could have
Crushed me with one dainty heal
Yet your pity stayed the blow
Leaving me all the room I needed
To run broken bottle fingers
Deep through the ribbons of you.

You spent the last of your breath
In forgiveness
You wouldn’t even leave me
The satisfaction of your hatred
Slipping away leaving me nothing
A poor child weeping in the night
Clutching a bloody rag doll
That was never really you.


One Response to “Rag Doll”

  1. sonus bonus Says:

    any readers interested can send email to this address with their spoke version of this poem

    would be greatly appreciated

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