I Want To Fall In Love In The Movies

I want to fall in love in the movies

In New York, London, even Paris maybe

Where we each already have

Our perfect lives that aren’t really perfect

Because we haven’t found the piece

We didn’t know was missing

Until we cross paths

In some faux trendy coffee shop

That has never existed

Outside of film

Or maybe in the rain we both hail

The same cab

Whatever the completely random happenstance

We each just know we are now complete

Even if the plot contrives to keep us apart

The happy ending is already written

In stammering and coy smiles

With just enough promised pain

To make the finale sweeter

Every mood or emotion underscored

By an indie soundtrack

Playing out the longings of scruffy hipster poets

Pretending to pour out their hearts

In lyric perfection but really just trying to get laid themselves

And after all is said and done

All the joyful montages

The misunderstandings, missteps, crossed purposes, mistakes and makeups

We will kiss like we are the first

To ever have kissed this well,

This perfectly, probably through tear stained laughter

Fading to black with the certain guarantee

We will now be perfect, forever and ever

Because it was written that way.


3 Responses to “I Want To Fall In Love In The Movies”

  1. Crossed that one off my list and it was a memorable event. Still a lot to be said for soothing conversation across from a bed-headed loved one in a monochromatic kitchen morning.

  2. in plane site Says:

    Another reading and a new insight – lyrical

  3. no hiding place from the kingdoms thrown ;) Says:

    all i am is (a series of) masks

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