Techno Babble

Fevered imaginings stir
Cauldron bubbling technicolor
Adjust the vertical hold
Saturation bleed over abundance
Spilling torrents of pulp fiction
Long legged dames
Smoking gun lips
Hard boiled flint eyed
Fish hook fingered
Along side knights in tarnished armor
Rumpled trench coat
Wounded, weary
Still fighting ’cause the fight
Is all they know
Until you change the channel
Universal remote control shift
So now Sam Spade
Is a vampire slayer
Cagliostro now huckstering his way
Through “Let’s Make A Deal”
Dripping sequins and badly applied eyeliner
Rubbing the cat in the hat the wrong way
There can be only one direction
Which is everywhere at once
Paint splattered pinwheel
Sloppy primary coloring spindles
Bringing earthy dreams to
Maidens who need them
Sticky hot limbic night sweating
All brought on by a little prick
Applied in just the right spot
Chain smoking reaction
Here the mulberry bushes go round us
Tilt a whirling zoetrope
Streaming download mental architecture
Failure to accommodate your offense
Does not compute
This is virtually the only reality
Plural worlds multiply
Growing from my brainstem
All knotted baobab
Groaning bows let fall madness
The snozzberries are a lie
But they taste the best
When paired with a nice dandelion wine
From the October country
Vineyards twisting thoughts into dreams
Friday night lights sandwiched
Between layers of flesh and brocade
Rioting hordes rising up
Clamoring, one last shout
Multitudes living, fucking, killing
Just beneath the eggshell mask
Of my skin.


One Response to “Techno Babble”

  1. poostro ratrabinium Says:

    Nobody will ever think to look way down here.

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