After Midnight

Stumbling tossed out to the curb

Rumpled scarecrow loose leg sidewalk waltzing

My blood is single malt

Fizzing hot and smooth

As I wrap a grin around fumbled Marlboro

Walking out into the city night

Coal black coat wings flying kite

Tailing ragtag caught between

The wind’s teeth.

I follow empty coffee cups

Tracing their steps skitter scat

Cat calling fat chested pigeons

Strutting false finery

Feeling the breath of the city through my boots

Rumble hum downtown trains

Exhaling, panting through warm, moist tunnels

Belching drunkards upwards from sidewalk grates.

Pinball wanderer me

Bouncing from joint to joint

Trading songs pulled like crumpled dollar bills

For inspiration by the pint or the ounce

Depending on the quality of verse

And whether or not I want too shelf

Helplessly handling myself

Rubbing catlike back arching hopeful

Through flocks of birds

Just barely feathered.

They all scatter though

No time for backwards back street bards

So I take my self with myself when I go

The both of us mumbling pub songs

To the knees of the breaking dawn

Begging for the favors

Of weary coffee shop girls

Pouring last hour if shift black

Into a cup I’m falling into.

I miss those nights

Freewheeling beneath neon

Hungry, foolish, hopeful

Boozy romantic with roses tied to my wrists

Dreaming wide awake through the corners

The city the only lover I needed or wanted

Just another mad poet

Singing lewd love songs

Into the daylight dark.


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