The Sins of an Idle Mind (or What I Do In Your Abscence)

I lay alone, in absent reverie

When of a sudden

Your thighs thunder crashing

Filled mind’s eye horizon,

Amphorae wine brimming

Fair and lush gardens

‘Neath silver cool moonlight.

Oh, how I thought,

And hard

A sudden fleshy exclamation

To be discovered by mischievous hands

With throaty wicked chuckle

Each time you taking such delight

In forging clay to such steel.

My tongue, roguish, ribald

Went wand’ring ‘pon your hills and valleys

Teasing sighs from the hollows

Of your delightfully ticklish places

Singing wicked ditties

Coated thick in sudden honey.

I became lost

Following the map of your skin

Trails followed endless twists and

By lips and hands bent on discovering

All if the mysteries betwixt the folds

Of soaking bedclothes

And the fulsome plump furrow

A row urgent for the tilling.

I wrote a symphony

With your sighs and moans and

Sweet soft shudderings

Our bellies clasped

Breath tangled along with your hair

And my beard, fingers knotted at the knuckles

Bodies cat’s cradle of limbs

A portrait of abandon.

I was longing

An emblem of yearning with no surcease

A helpless groan carved in flesh

Until my own hands

Drew forth quivering sob

Relief without satisfaction

New milk spilt

Wanting only your tongue to taste.

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