Heaven Beside You

Grace is the imprint

Of your lips

Upon the back of my neck

Solace is the spill

Of your hair

A torrent across

The shores of my chest.

Need is my mouth

Dripping poetry

Honeyed drops gleaming

Upon the ripe fields

Of your belly and breasts.

Home is the hollow

Of your neck

The tapestry our fingers weave,

The places hands alight

Ships seeking refuge

In the troughs and swells.

Heaven is the small moments

The sitting stills

Casual bad singing

Crinkle-nosed laughter

Peculiar dances

Warm fat kitchen smells

Couches sagging, bedecked

With glorious weight of limbs

The rain falling on tin roof

To whispers under lazy roiling sheets.

It’s wherever you are

In the glow beneath your freckles

A shelter behind your eyes,

The tight lacings of a million fine lines

Bracketing the curve of your smile

My paradise is in that space

Just beside you.


One Response to “Heaven Beside You”

  1. Thank you for your poetry. It is strong and alive. Had the feel of real life. My type of poetry.

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