Devastation In A Little Black Dress

Whiskey amber loose string guitar moan

Hips keeping metronome time

Tick-tocking limbic slow

Reptilian hind brain light switching

Steel wire tugging

Pulling bone deep

Fingers running wanton

Through chocolate ribbon hair

Lips curling silent visceral snarl

Revealing glimpse of dainty ivory

Lethal sharp hunger

A promise, a warning

Body free of eyes clinging tighter

Than silken fall of little black dress.

Alone, singular, proud

A naked blade

Opening every vein in the joint

Fresh blood washing clean

Any previous possession of

All futile claims upon flesh

Might as well attempt to hold

A dancing flame

One way or another

She will consume you

Swallowing whole every last inch

Licking the scraps clean

With a tongue that has no need

To ever taste your name.

Indifference drips

In every move whispers “fuck you”

To all the sweaty, panting boys

Desperate fumbling themselves

In the shadows cast

By her, flickering scarlet streak

Laughing as they spill useless seed

Down pant legs slobber soiled

Needless and heedless

Breaking them all to pieces.

You will never have her

Even if she permits you

To kneel quivering at her heel

Hands trembling supplicant

To the tease of her hem

All you will ever be

Is her victim

Don’t ever fucking forget it.


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