Devastation In A Little Black Dress (Variation)

Whiskey amber loose string guitar whine

Slow dirty dancing

Hips keeping metronome strict time

Swaying alone under cool blue light

Tick-tocking sticky limbic light switch

Reptilian hind brain licking hungry

Fingers running through chocolate ribbon hair

Plucking strings anchored to my bones

Pulling magnetic irresistible

Hush, honey hush lips feral curve

Flash ivory promise razor blade mouth

A warning, a promise

A streak of red, ripe need painted

In sharp bold strokes

Yet needless, heedless, brazen as brass

Slavering wolves tied to her heel

Throats exposed, choking on desperate last call howls

Eyes clinging close as slick silk little black dress

All paired slaves helpless pinned

Desperate, panting, sweat groaning

Her body shedding all attempts at amateurish fumble pawing

A drawn blade laying open every vein

Fresh blood washing away all lingering traces

Of any fingerprints that could have laid claim

Free and wild and savage

Atop a heap of fallen bodies.

She knows you’re watching

She just doesn’t care

None of this is for you, silly boys

Spilt useless seed dripping down your pant leg

You can hear it in every movement

That’s pulling your body to shreds

The silent, haughty “fuck you”

Driving hard nails deep

Your pathetic lust hanging trophy

Red drops to be carelessly flicked clean

By a tongue that has no need

To ever taste your name.


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