My voice will be a fist

Coiled, knotted tight

A bright point of rage

Knuckles splitting bloody

Across the brittle bones

Of indifference, smashing fear

Laying low hate

In a whirlwind howling raw outrage


From now on

I’m standing in front of tanks

I am the fuck you

Burning on the tongue

Of the ones under jack boots

Choking on their poverty desperation

No way out last desperate swinging

Out into streets slick

With bitter mother’s tears

Dropping thunderous

In the spaces left by the loved dead.

I’m burning in the square

Knelt, a light etching

Shame onto onlooking faces

Behind the riot masks

You fuckers will watch me

I will pin your eyes

To the ugly underneath your pathetic hypocrisy

Look, watch my flesh wither

It’s what you deserve

Feast on the pain, on the helplessness

God dammit you will listen

I will make you

Hiss of greedy flame

Whispering in your coward ears


I am us

We are mad as hell

We will rise like the tide

Where you charge

We will wash away all that you’ve built

There will be only wreckage in our wake

We are the mighty disenfranchised

The sound of our footsteps

Will crack marble facade hollow justice

We will not lie down

Here we rise up, rise and rise again

Our teeth around your neck

Until we hear the crack.

Remember this,

Never forget this

You sit above us

Because we hold you up

Our backs are weary

When we shrug at last

When you are cast down

Lost and wondering

How your mighty hand

Could be so defied

There are more of us

Than there are of you

In the end you are alone

A speck

Leading the charge of futility

Against the breaking waves.


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