Roy Batty

Neon fractal light

Defines skyline knife point

Gouging bruise purple night

What is an ocean of concrete tombs

Becomes wire work frame

Electric sodium flare

Landscapes of LED cool flame

A moment of beauty

Perfect, transient, fragile.

Tears lost in rain

Voices drowned by white noise static

Constant flux wave

Signal to noise failing ratio

Faceless talking heads

Drone mumble meme fake plastic

Consuming the real and here and now

With reasonable facsimile

Bridging the uncanny valley

Blurring the edges

No more hard lines

With the machines dreaming for us

Silicone subsidized neuron synapse misfire

Phil dreamt of electric sheep

Who became flesh that dreams

Of what it’s told.

I can feel it slipping away

Feeble rapid beating

Warm between my hands

Vital struggling wings pinned

Beneath fingers loosing grasp

Unlaced and unclothed

Naked in the rain

Remembering all the moments

Before their gone

Adding up the sums

Creating monuments no one will see

Moving picture audience of one

Film reel slap ticking becomes

The beat if pale wings

Curtains fall down swish

End title card fading to black

Water gurgle whispers

“time to die”


One Response to “Roy Batty”

  1. numb o'dump Says:

    got nuthin’
    owl, owl, owl

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