Lord of the Dance

I am a dancer

In secret, when no one is looking

My limbs twitch and shake

Graceless angles framed

By carelessly flung knees and elbows

Clumsy marionette

Clump thumping soft shoe shuffle.

To music or in silence

For even in silence

There is music

Blood in vein pulse beat

Breath rhythm throat singing

Leaf wind orchestras

Jazz complex tempo raindrops

World moving moves me.

A madness, a fit

A seizure of ecstasy

Lost in the losing control

Limbs describing the arch of four winds

Or crashing waves, swaying reeds

Spastic monkey man fire leaping

Ancestor hunt miming

Caressing lover’s curvatures.

A tune from childhood

Hums in my blood

The only hymn I ever took to heart

So when no one is looking

I worship

I open myself to joy

My body transformed

Into perfect instrument

Forgetting all restraint of clay

A madcap magpie

Catching fire bright and bold

Dancing along night’s edges

Dancing so the light comes in.


7 Responses to “Lord of the Dance”

  1. you give voice to a spiritual urge
    it must be obeyed
    always to our great benefit

  2. dance, dance, wherever you may be?
    need a bit of help here
    a hint, please

  3. guppy wahnd?
    childhood hymn – pondering on it real hard

  4. Ask your sister silly.

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