Little Feet

Sunshine laughter chasing itself

Beneath flying cloud hair

Spin whirling merry-go-round

Setting skies tilt-a-whirl to ground

Jump skip running of course

No half measures excepted

All or nothing wide open wonder.

Skirts flicker through green gold shadow

Promises of adventure

Down each and every twisting path

Every hill a mountaintop

Faeries tucked away in the bells of flowers

Dragons lair in steam vents

Grumble snoring dreaming

Waiting to be wakened

To go flying off into the blue.

To see the world

Born new each morning

Unfolding bright and full of secret wonder

Begging to be explored

Yearning with tales, bursting at the seems

With monsters and magic

Enough princes and princesses for all the happy

Endlessly possible never ending endings

What sublime joy exists

In un dimmed eyes.

My daughters teach me lessons

How small stones are jewels

Whole worlds can be made

From pavements and chalk

Mermaids can fly if you want them to

While unicorns play tag with the shore

Running atop the wild white plumed waves

They make me remember to forget

House payments and other such drudgery

Wiping from my eyes all the dust and drear

So that occasionally I can see

The flicker flash of glass

As their feet take them off and away

Down yellow brick roads.


2 Responses to “Little Feet”

  1. meet their love and joy with your stories
    don’t let them be the only ones to draw you back out into light-heartedness
    befriend an old person

  2. wonder how many degrees of separation there are among numerous offerings on display here
    what a web…

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