A Poem About Spring And Rain And Sex

Clouds rolling in
Fat with rain
Clumps of sodden wool
Piled up uncarded
Chasing stalking beams
Of sunlight
Across rich black soil
Acre upon acre of neatly tilled earth
Blushing green shy.

You can watch the rain
Walking over the fields
Waves twist shimmer coruscating
Chasing golden streamers
Silver curtains drawing closed
Over the picture window
Of Somewheresville Middle America
Amidst a round of tin roof drumming applause.

Spring is whispering promises
Lovers lips stirring
A billion verdant erections
Thrusting urgent
Pulse quickening blood lustfully
As mother unfolds her legs
Nude now of snowy chaste skirts
Wanton round bellied full
Waters breaking expectant birth
Bursting abundance.

Irresistible insatiable nerve
Threaded, tugging, pleading
Seeking hungry release
Tides turning bodies crashing
Mouths panting drinking
Honeyed air thick
Pheromone heavy musk
Reception synapse firing
Answering the only call you can’t refuse
In voices of bird trilling, howling, chest puffing.

Storm wind rising
Boiling to the brim
Blood and seed and sweat
Cauldron mean green bitch stirred
Spilling out over drowning
Open sky tearing thunderclap
Flash boom torrent
Pouring out life in bright chaos profusion
Gentle violence cycling
It’s passage leaving
All new and clean.


6 Responses to “A Poem About Spring And Rain And Sex”

  1. ciro derab Says:

    truly evocative
    speaks to the explosive nature of spring

  2. volvo as unintended weapon - 1, racoon - 0 Says:

    we are a bit behind in the seasonal randiness but the creative tension is mounting
    your post has a definite flavour; one slightly different from a watery northern forest environment
    the loons sung your praise this spectacular spring afternoon

  3. watching events unfold Says:

    our cold land slowly warms to rain’s touch
    awaiting sun’s heat to unleash lust’s passion

  4. the explosive seasonal release has begun

  5. the moment of release is come
    green leaf and warmth
    music abounds
    from wing, wind and water
    the north shows this season
    as a nod to your words

  6. about spring and rain and … MOSQUITOES!!!
    in the northern version anyway

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